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General Construction

Best and Fast are expert in the field of General Construction throughout Minneapolis, MN


General Construction in Minnesota

Every aspect of general construction typically requires a general contractor to supervise all stages of the process. With specialized skills tailored to each phase of your project, general contractors act as the linchpin that binds every element together, guaranteeing all requirements are fulfilled.

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  • Estimating
  • Full Building Renovation
  • Project management
  • Space planning / Site modifications
  • Adhering to construction guidelines and regulations
  • Commercial Construction


Our clients expect the best and refuse to take unknown risks to cut costs. Close attention is paid to the requirements of time, budget, design, and craftsmanship.

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Welcome to Best & Fast – Your Leader in Total Building Solutions!

Turn your vision into a refined reality with Minnesota’s top construction professionals. Whether creating new commercial ventures or revitalizing beloved spaces, Best & Fast stands out as your hub of expertise.


Our Pledge to Excellence

At Best & Fast, we reconcile functional design with artistic integrity, spearheading exquisite creations that reflect your aspirations and adhere to the rhythm of Minneapolis.

Full Building Renovation

✓ Comprehensive overhaul from basement to roof

✓ Harmonizing legacy charm with modern efficiency

Estimating and Space Planning

✓ Precise projections for a no-surprise policy

✓ Intelligent space utilization

Project Management

✓ Milestone-based precision from concept to ribbon cutting

✓ Streamlined communication for peace of mind

Comprehensive Site Modifications

✓ Fine-tuned alterations for optimal site functionality

✓ Solutions-oriented approach to enhancement

Adherence to Building Guidelines and Regulations

✓ Unmatched regulatory knowledge for a confident build

✓ Pursuit of excellence within the letter of the law

Dedication to Commercial Construction

✓ Creating corporate havens for enhanced productivity

✓ Tailored construction to echo your brand’s resonance


Why Choose Best & Fast?

For years, homeowners and entrepreneurs in Minneapolis have placed their construction dreams in our hands. We uphold this tradition by providing exceptional craftsmanship.

Experience a customer journey where flawless execution meets meticulous attention to detail. With a proven history of excellence, Best & Fast introduces a new era of construction like no other.



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  • Best & Fast brings to the table unparalleled expertise in both the art and science of construction. Our commitment to our clients extends beyond mere building; we weave their aspirations into the fabric of Minneapolis’s landscapes.
  • Efficient space planning is a hallmark of our service. Our craft thrives in the optimization of space, championing creative solutions that breathe life into even the most compact of settings.

  • Our portfolio spans the breadth of commercial construction—from ambitious office complexes to intimate boutiques, our meticulous design and execution set the stage for your commercial success.

  • Our team’s profound regulatory knowledge ensures compliance without compromise. Every project upholds the high standards of Minnesota’s construction codes, securing your investment and well-being.
  • Indeed. Our ethos is anchored in eco-consciousness, advocating for practices that honor environmental responsibility and energy efficiency without diminishing your structure’s aesthetics and function.
  • Yes, our expertise extends to the delicate intricacies of historical property renovations, ensuring an outcome that respects the past while stirring the present.
  • We orchestrate full-scale renovations with a symphony of seasoned specialists, choreographed to our project management’s vigilant tempo to achieve timely and transcendent outcomes.
  • Certainly. Our estimating services encompass the myriad complexities unique to your project, presenting you with an accurate forecast to guide your decisions.
  • Customization is core to our creed. Each project is a canvas awaiting your personalized touch, executed with finesse by our skilled artisans.
  • Reach out with convenience via phone, email, or our website’s contact form. Our responsive team is poised to address your queries with expertise and warmth.
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