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Asphalt Shingle Roof Repair

A Comprehensive Guide to Asphalt Shingle Roof Repair


Preparing for the process of home improvement can be overwhelming, homesteaders are thinking about it particularly when it comes to determining what they need for their franchises like asphalting of houses. The main goal for this walkthrough is to provide a detailed guide on how to replace asphalt shingles so that a roof looks newer.


The purpose of this guide includes;

  • Appreciating the role played by roofing experts when changing shingles
  • Steps in replacing shingles such as unsealing and resealing them
  • Safety measures for each stage will help successful replacement at no extra cost whatsoever


Shingle Replacement: A Step-By-Step Process


Step One: Initiating the Shingle Replacement Process

The first part of replacing a damaged shingle is unsealing it. To do this, use a flat pry bar to separate the target shingle from the one beneath it. When it is cold, ensure that you do this gently so that the shingles do not turn brittle or break due to pressure.


Step Two: Breaking the Seals on Adjacent Shingles

Next on the agenda they have to break those seals that hold together the nearby shingles. This means that the shingles above this one and those on either side at this level need unsealing too. By so doing, we will be able to make sure that the new shingle is in line with the remaining part of the roof.


Step Three: Nail Removal

Next in line would be removing nails that hold a shingle in place as step three of our process. To avoid causing more harm than intended one should take that step prudently lifting both shingles and nails simultaneously. In this process, all four target nail shingles should be safely removed.


Step Four: Removal of Adjacent Nails

In the same way that was done in step three, it will be necessary to disrupt the seal bond between the target shingle two courses up from the nearest down this would give access to nails holding the shingle on the course immediately above the target shingle one should be cautious not to spoil any one of these shingles.


Step Five: Shingle Removal

After an individual has confirmed that all the nails are removed, they can now gently remove the aging shingle cautiously.

Completing the Replacement Process


Step Six: New Shingle Installation

The subsequent procedure entails placing this new shingle in place and fastening it with the use of nails. Besides that, to give stability and properly align it nailing down the roofing nails present in extending shingle courses are required.


Step Seven: Shingle Resealing

Last but not least in regard to replacement shingles would be resealing them. This prevents any threats of water invasion from happening as well as maintains the integrity and resistance against the wind for which asphalt plastic roof cement is placed beneath all tabs of the next shingle. It also ensures that the surrounding shingles become watertight.



One’s dwelling can only last if his/her shelter is well maintained through regular inspections so that when there are such signs as worn-out tiles then he/she should seek possible redress before it worsens to cause problems during certain seasons such as rainy or windy ones Hiring professionals would also guarantee efficient working.


Check out our other guides in case you want more information.


Remember, while doing it yourself can save on shingle roof replacement costs, the value and peace of mind that come with professional service are priceless.

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