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Constructing Fences

Constructing Fences with a Contemporary Flair: A Guide to Horizontal Fence Planks


An Insight into Modernistic Fences and Wood Choices Delve into the innovative world of horizontal fencing, showcasing a striking modern look that blends functionality with aesthetics. Our focus shifts towards the various wood types that can provide you with a perfect fence for your outdoors.

The Foundations of Construction

Contrasting Aspects, Sloping Areas, and Adjustments Learn about the fundamental contrasts between horizontal and vertical fence constructions. We discuss the critical factors to consider while working on an incline and how to adjust fence posts and rails for the horizontal layout. Finally, we touch upon the option of frameworks for enhanced structure and endurance.

Installing the Fence Boards

A Step-by-Step Guide to Mounting Boards Horizontally Explores the transformative effects of rotating fence boards to a horizontal orientation. Understand the importance of the proper alignment and quantity of fence boards. We provide insights on optimal nail placement and techniques for affixing the boards securely, and finally, discuss the additional trim boards that can give your fence a refined touch.


Choosing the Best Wood

Hardwood or Softwood: Which One to Choose? Evaluate the advantages of superior hardwood choices such as Ipe, tigerwood, and cumaru. We shed light on the cost considerations and the alternatives available with softwood, specifically cedar. Moreover, we emphasize the need for sealing softwood boards when used for horizontal fences.

A Detailed Procedure for Fence Installation

Guide to Prepping the Site, Digging Holes, and Nailing the Boards Unpack our detailed instructions for preparing the fence site, marking the locations for the post holes, and going through the process of digging these holes. Learn about adding gravel and concrete for a stable base, and get practical tips for nailing the first fence board to ensure a level installation. We guide you through the process of nailing the remaining boards and maintaining the right spacing, finishing with optional trim installation, covering nail heads, and ultimately staining and sealing the fence boards.

FAQ Corner

Cost Factors, Sagging Prevention, and Role of Rails Our FAQ section addresses common queries like cost comparison between vertical and horizontal fences, methods to prevent sagging in horizontal fences, and the crucial role that rails play in horizontal fence designs.


Benefits and Considerations: A Recap and Words of Encouragement In the conclusion, we revisit the merits and factors to contemplate when planning to build a horizontal fence. Also, we rally behind all DIY enthusiasts with a word of encouragement to take on the project. Check out other blog links below for more insight on related topics:

Throughout the Twin Cities Metro area, including Saint Paul (55101), Bloomington (55420), Brooklyn Park (55428), Plymouth (55441), Eagan (55121), and Maple Grove (55311), our comprehensive guide on constructing horizontal fences can help homeowners add a touch of sophistication to their property. Happy building!