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Lateral Gate Access

Crafting the Ideal Lateral Access Gate: A Homeowner’s Guide


Unfolding the key benefits of a robust lateral entrance gate, this guide unlocks the doors to enhanced security, aesthetics, and convenience. Herein, you’ll find:

  • The essence of a sturdy lateral access gate and the dual benefits of security and accessibility it offers.
  • The pronounced impact on safety and privacy and the role it plays in safeguarding children and pets.
  • How this single modification can add significant value to your home, potentially impacting insurance premiums and resale value.
  • Practical tips for the installation and factors to consider for an optimum outcome.

With this handbook, we hope to provide insights to homeowners in the Twin Cities Metro, specifically Minneapolis and St. Paul, and in particular the following areas: Saint Paul, Bloomington, Brooklyn Park, Plymouth, Eagan, and Maple Grove, and zip codes 55420, 55425, 55431, 55435, 55437, 55438, 55428, 55429, 55443, 55444, 55441, 55442, 55446, 55447, 55121, 55122, 55123, 55311, and 55369.

Part One: Decoding the Security and Convenience of a Lateral Access Gate

Imagining a home without a secure lateral access gate is like envisioning a castle without a drawbridge. Not only does it serve as a defense mechanism but it also adds an element of convenience to the occupants’ daily lives. Utilizing a side yard gate drastically enhances your home’s security level. It restricts unwanted access, offers you peace of mind, and surprisingly could even contribute to lowering the burglary rate in the neighborhood.

A gate for the sideyard is not just about improved security; it’s also about safety for your loved ones. With a secure boundary, you can rest assured your children and pets are safely contained, free from the hazards of an open yard. Whether you’re in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, or any city within the Twin Cities Metro, this remains a universal truth.

Part Two: Unraveling the Auxiliary Advantages

Beyond the obvious, a lateral access gate brings additional perks to the table. It boosts your property’s appeal and could potentially up your home’s resale value. Installing a gate in the side yard might even have implications on your home insurance premiums. From a style perspective, it maintains the symmetry of your fence line, adding an aesthetic touch.

Simultaneously, this addition offers a handy storage solution, providing a protected area for outdoor equipment. It saves you from the wear and tear that can occur on the main gate due to repeated use. More importantly, it’s a real-time-saver, providing quick and easy access to different entrances of your home, whether you live in Eden Prairie, Burnsville, or any of the listed cities.

Part Three: Installation and Positioning

The choice of materials and gate design plays a critical role in the overall aesthetics and durability of your lateral access gate. Availing of the services of a professional installation team ensures a secure fit, necessary for the longevity and performance of your gate. Equally important is the positioning of the gate and the placement of latches for optimum safety.


By now, it should be apparent that a side access gate is not merely an add-on, but rather an essential home feature that promotes security, convenience, and aesthetic appeal. So, for homeowners in Woodbury, Blaine, or any of the mentioned areas, don’t hesitate to explore this option. Whether you’re keen on a DIY side yard gate or professional installation, we hope this guide serves as a valuable resource in your journey. For further insights, don’t forget to visit our blogs on related topics.

Here’s to safer, more stylish homes!